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“Children express themselves more fully and more directly through self-initiated, spontaneous play than they do verbally because they are more comfortable with play. For children to ‘play out’ their experiences and feelings is the most natural, dynamic and self-healing process in which they can engage.”

 L. Landreth, Play Therapy: The Art of the Relationship, 2nd Edition.

I am passionate about what I do; I love doing play therapy and getting messy with my younger clients. I use sand-play, puppets, therapeutic storytelling, music, and creative mediums like paint and play-dough to enable children to express themselves.


Play is the natural language of children. In play therapy, children are able to express difficult feelings and process stressful events. They learn to communicate better with others, regulate their emotions, change their behaviour, and find solutions to their problems.


Play therapy can help children who:

  • have behavioural difficulties,
  • experience anxiety and phobias,
  • have suffered a loss or bereavement,
  • have parents who are going through a separation or divorce,
  • have witnessed or experienced trauma,
  • are on the autistic spectrum.
  • have suffered emotional, physical, or sexual abuse,
  • are withdrawn and have a low mood or
  • have difficulties interacting with their peers.


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